Tips to improve your game: Your first time in a live tournament?

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The first time you play a live tournament can be an intimidating experience. Sweat, nerves, what to do? A thousand doubts will come to your mind and many of them you will not know the answer.If you are an experienced live tournament player, these tips may seem elementary and even wrong. However, if this is your first time, they will help you to make your tournament experience as fun as possible and also feel comfortable practicing what you like the most, Poker. Click here to know about poker.

Be patient when you start the tournament

Many online poker tournaments come with a fantastic structure: 15,000 initial stack chips and 1-hour levels. Therefore, do not rush to play many hands and use the first levels to wait for Premiums. Visit this site to know about poker.

Learn to use the cards

┬áIt may seem obvious, but you have to see the cards by hiding them. It is also important to know that bets with chips must always be made with a single move, or they can claim the play and take it as a “Call” instead of a “Raise”.

Position, aggression and blind

It is the most elementary advice of all, but it serves both online and offline. If you want to steal the blinds, and SB and BB are not short, it will always be easier if you get your hand clean at late positions, leaving the starting positions to play only strong hands. In the same way, always try to play with position, because it will give you a great post flop advantage.

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Control the boats

Playing with chips and cards is much nicer than using a computer mouse, but you have to look at the boats that are mounted to make bets, because the chips will be in the center of the mat and you will have to count them to calculate the sizes.

Do not despair if you are short

Another important point is that the structure of Live tournaments is much slower than Online, so you should not have the impression that the blind will eat. You have 1 hour for each level of blinds, so take it easy and look for good spots to finish All In and bend.

Your gestures and actions can betray you

One of the most important points of the Live tournaments are the so-called “Tells”, which can show the strength of your hand, so try to control your emotions whether you have a good hand or if you try to bluff.

If you change your table the game starts again

No matter how good or bad it was on the previous table. In the new table people are different and they don’t know you, so you have to start analyzing the new villains again, in the same way that they don’t know you.

April 2024